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Dream Journalling

Dream Journalling

When I'm stressed or anxious or even particularly happy, my dreams are way more vivid than usual. This is also the case when it's allergy season or when I drink too much coffee during the day or wine before bed. So many different things impact our psyches.

I don't keep a dream journal, but if I did it might look something like this for the past few nights:

best friend shows up at my apartment with a giant cake shaped like a cloud

ex-boyfriend skypes me to explain, in detail, all the reasons we broke up

somehow i find myself rollerblading across town to a field of hot air balloons

cat paws me in the face incessantly

Okay, so maybe that last one wasn't a dream. But either way my dreamscape has been all over the place lately.

This is likely due to the complete destruction of my sleep schedule that comes with the start of the school year. Every fall I think that I can keep up with summer levels of social activity even when my schedule suddenly includes three extra jobs and coursework and the million other things I do. I've been repeating this cycle for something like twenty years now.

**Well, news flash, Amelia.**          It does not work. 

You turn into a crazy unbalanced sleep monster.

So while birthday parties and bars with friends and staying up all night with new boys (all things I did on Saturday night) are a blast, they're probably not worth sacrificing an entire Sunday catching up on sleep. Or maybe they are. But they're not worth the toll they take on the rest of the week when anxiety creeps up on Monday morning and energy lags by Monday afternoon. 

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on saying no to drama, and it looks like I need to take that approach to my calendar for a few weeks. The Bechdel pseudo-stat will be up later this week, so now I'll start tracking all the different things I say no to (...and the things I don't) for the next few weeks.

How do you balance your busy schedules, babes? Bullet journals? Beaucoup du vin? Your wisdom is welcome.


dreamy image by the wonderful Robin Eisenberg

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