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Feminist Mantra Monday 17: Nourish Your Body

Feminist Mantra Monday 17: Nourish Your Body

This week's feminist mantra is Nourish Your Body.

But Nourish Your Body is really just my shorter, more socially acceptable form for what this week's mantra really should be which is: 

Wine Does Not Nourish Your Body,
Wine Does Not Nourish Your Body,
Wine Does Not Nourish Your Body

As 2017 seems to keep winding tighter and tighter with increasing political fervor, there are A LOT of people out there writing about self care (me included, I have a piece on self care and radical self love coming out later this week).

That said, this week's mantra isn't another call for self-care. Rather, it's a simple reminder of the more important than ever fact that bodies exist! and we need them! and we need to love them! and doing so means we have to take care of them!

When shit gets real in life, my first instinct is to put on my thinking cap and get to work. So this year I've been volunteering more and building new business plans and reading more feminist theory, all while taking on new internships and extra responsibilities at work and focusing on bettering my romantic relationship. It's A LOT. Like a lot, a lot. And I love all of it. But sometimes there's too much to love.

When there's too much going on in my life, two things seems to start popping up more and more:
1) Wine.
2) Migraines.

The first is my failed attempt to wind down and relax. The second is my body physically forcing me to retreat and lay down. But neither of them give me any real rest or rejuvenation. They both impact my body but don't do anything positive for it.

Believe it or not, this is a symptom of a patriarchal culture. You see, bodies are awesome but since the Enlightenment, the intellect's been where it's at. Logic and thought and minds are valued over instinct and feelings and bodies.

This hierarchy is why we think being rational is more important than being intuitive. It's why we trust our brain more than our gut. (If you're interested in that, definitely check out this book on Gut Feminism.)

So, in a lot of ways nourishing our bodies is an act of feminist political intention and intervention. As long as we nourish our bodies in authentic ways that actually nourish them.

This is where we get back to the wine. Society provides a million suggestions for how to nourish our bodies: Crossfit! Shop 'til you drop! Binge on Thin Mints!. But very few of these actually seem to provide real nourishment that yields energy and love and joy. 

So this week, I have what may be a radical suggestion: Spend ten minutes standing in front of mirror or laying in bed or sitting in lotus naked. Take ten minutes to put your body in a comfortable position with all the restraints/artifice/assistance of society removed. Think about your back, your calves, your skin. What does your body need? What does it desire? Check in with your body like you would with your best friend when she's had a bad day.

Let me know what she says.




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