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Lunar Eclipse #Vibes

Lunar Eclipse #Vibes

Pop Quiz:

If you've been feeling out of whack lately,
do you think it's because of.....
a) shitty politics
b) impending apocalypse
c) the moon?

While there's not much I can help you with if you circled a or b up there, I do have a little bit of know-how about c: this weekend (Friday night) there's a lunar eclipse!

What is a lunar eclipse, you may ask? Well, it's when the moon travels behind the earth and passes through its shadow. When a total eclipse occurs, the sun, earth, and moon all align and the earth fully blocks the light of the sun, creating the striking blood-red effect that marks the intensity of lunar eclipses.

Friday's eclipse is not a total lunar eclipse (we don't have any of those in 2017, but we get two next year). Rather, it's a penumbral eclipse, which sounds fancy but really just means that the moon is only traveling through the outer part of earth's shadow, so it only appears slightly darker rather than fully red.

Astronomologically (not a real word, I know) this lunar eclipse is kind of a womp-womp eclipse, but astrologically this lunar eclipse roars, because it occurs during a full moon in Leo! 

Leo is a powerful sign imbued with leadership and pride that opens a period of goal-setting, accomplishment, and successful #vibes. There won't be another eclipse until July, so now is the time to take charge and start a new initiative in your life. Envision your life six months from now, make a plan, and kick your butt in gear until summer. People will follow your lead if you start down that path.

And when you encounter obstacles this spring, remember that this eclipse finds the snow moon (the name of February's full moon) blossoming under a fire sign. When you've got that fire and ice, there are going to be contradictions, but as long as you don't let them injure your pride, you can move through and past them.

In the moon cycles following this eclipse, I am going to be working toward making real business plans (more on this to come, I promise) and developing my confidence, particularly in professional settings (gotta get those #boss vibes).

So whether you answered a, b, or c in my failed pop quiz way up at the top there, I hope you'll embrace the fiery side of this lunar eclipse and find real power in Leo's full moon. Let me know where these #vibes take you, babes.


PS -- If you want to know more about how the eclipse will impact your sign in particular this post from Chani Nicholas is supes helpful, and this insta-blurb from Small Spells is really nice.


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